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"The Wishlist" is an online solution for hassle-free gift giving and receiving.

Simply set up your family, friends, colleagues, etc. as a group and each individual group member will have their own personal wishlist page, with their own personal username and password.

Letting people know what your heart truly desires has never been simpler. Each indvidual group member adds the items they want, by providing descriptions, links and pictures of items, so that everyone in the group can see exactly what it is and get an idea of price range.

Buying the perfect gift for others is easy, view other people's wishlists within your group and should you choose to buy an item, simply mark it as "bought". Once you mark the item as "bought", the item disappears off the list so that no one will duplicate your gift. 

A feature has been included, so that if an individual group member returns to their personal wishlist page after an item has been bought, all the items will still be displayed, therefore each individual group member has no idea what has or hasn't been bought from their list.

Register today and start building your ultimate shopping list!   It makes no difference if the individual group members are spread out across the world, as long as they have access to internet, The Wishlist is available to everyone.

Happy Shopping!!!!!